One of the most important aspects of your roofing system is the flashing on your roof. Roofs on commercial buildings as well as roofing on residential property serve one major purpose. The most important purpose of your roof is to keep the weather outside, not inside.  Roof flashing — pieces of sheet metal, aluminum or galvanized steel — is the last and the best line of defense your roofing system has against water entering your house. The metal sheeting or roofing flashing is placed in strategic places on your roof, like joints, around chimneys, fan and plumbing vents and stacks in the roof to block any moisture from seeping below the roofing material and into your home. If you have a leaking roof it is highly possible it is due to faulty installation of the roof flashing.

When roof flashing is properly installed on your roof it works along with gravity to route excess water onto the regular roofing materials and then channels the water to the ground without damaging your roof. However, climate, especially hot and varied climates like we have in the Columbia and Lexington areas, can cause all kinds of failures in your roofing system when it is not carefully constructed by a local, roofing contractor. It is best practice to call a “roofer near me” to inspect your roof for any potential roof flashing problems.

Alternating temperatures can cause small dimensional changes in your roofing structure because wood and other roofing materials like shingles can shrink or expand with temperature. This can cause the roof flashing to pull away from the surface and no longer protect the areas it is installed to protect. This pulling away process is most common around vertical dormers on your roof, second story walls or any vertical surface on your roof.

In addition, roof flashing failure can also happen when the original roof specs are not available for your local roofer to use during a roof replacement or roof repair job.  A reputable, local roofing professional should be able to draft plans that will protect your roof during this process.

Finally, and possibly the most important element when replacing or repairing your roof, is the proper installation of flashing on your roof.  Faulty installation of roof flashing is most often the cause for flashing failure. Installing roof flashing is not a project for the untrained worker  Proper installation of flashing on your roof is an important job and demands a reputable roofing expert to ensure that the job is done correctly and will protect your home from water damage. Call a reputable, local, roofing professional who is licensed, bonded and insured, and who is an experienced roofer familiar with the climate changes in the Columbia and Lexington areas. Calling a “roofer near me’ is the best way to ensure that you will contract a knowledgeable local roofer that knows your area’s climate.

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