You can take advantage of your investment in a new roof or roof repair by focusing on these four roofing elements of an energy-efficient roof. By focusing on these four elements you can lower your energy bills and extend the life of your home’s roof.
For many homeowners, the roof is seldom thought of until something big happens like a storm causes roof damage or a home inspection uncovers hidden roofing problems. But your roof offers huge promise for conserving energy and significantly reducing your utility bills. Several roofing issues can contribute to high cooling and heating costs. However, you can begin to bring those heating and cooling costs down by contacting your local roofer to install a new roof or repairing an existing roof, keeping in mind the four important factors explained below.
1. Insulation
The best time to address a roof’s efficiency is during a reroofing project. But as roofs cost many thousands of dollars in materials and labor, homeowners often put off replacement until it is critically necessary. If, however, you are just not ready to spring for new roofing shingles, you may still be able to improve the energy health of your existing roof by upgrading your attic’s insulation.
Proper insulation extends the life of a roof and will make your roofing system much more efficient which means saving energy and money. Proper attic insulation creates a barrier that reduces the amount of thermal transfer between your attic and the temperature-controlled air in your home’s living spaces. Your local roofing specialist in the Columbia and Lexington areas will bring your attic’s insulation up to code when necessary during a reroofing project. But even if you do not need a roofing repair job you can add insulation to your attic at any time to increase the efficiency of your roofing system.
2. Ventilation
While proper insulation serves as a thermal barrier between your home’s living space and your roof, your attic becomes extremely hot during summer months. Without ventilation, extreme attic heat can warp roof decking and shorten the life of your roofing shingles. Heat can even pass through the insulation into your house, forcing your air-conditioning system to work longer and harder.
Intake vents, which draw fresh air into the attic, are often placed in the soffit beneath the eaves of your roof. When coupled with an exhaust vent a natural airflow circulation process follows. Cool air comes in through the intake vents, warms the air, and then the warm air rises to the top of the attic where it leaves through the exhaust vents. This process keeps excessive heat from building up in the attic. During a reroofing project, your local roofer expert will inspect your roof’s ventilation system and install additional vents where needed to provide proper ventilation for your home. With the appropriate attic ventilation, your roof will last longer and help keep your home’s cooling and heating costs down.
3. Shingle Color
Dark colored roofs absorb more heat from the sun than lighter colored roofs. That heat is transferred to the underside of your roof deck and to your attic below building up excessive heat. To alleviate this problem your local roofer in the Columbia and Lexington areas can offer energy-efficient shingles in colors that will minimize heat transfer to the attic and to your living spaces in your home. Lighter colored, reflective shingles last longer because they do not absorb as much heat keeping them cooler, therefore, their asphalt base of the roofing shingle does not age as rapidly.
4. A Radiant Barrier
Another energy-saving option that can help reduce heat transfer from the roof to the attic is the use of a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is a coating that reflects heat away from the attic creating less solar heat gain. A radiant barrier is usually applied during a reroofing project. Used along with the other methods listed here, a radiant barrier will help your roofing system play an integral part in lowering your home’s heating and cooling costs.
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