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Damage to your roof by animals is not only possible, it is a definite threat to your home’s roof. While safeguarding your roof against harsh weather conditions is normally easy to do with a professional inspection from your local roofing contractor, safeguarding your roof from invading critters is significantly more challenging. You must be on the look-out for signs of intruders on your roof during all four seasons to prevent roofing damage. Following are some specific animals to be aware of and signs you may have the beginnings of roof damage from animals which could lead to costly roofing repairs if left unnoticed.

The goal of most animals that damage your roof is to find shelter from the harsh weather. Animals are attracted to the dark, dry, protective heat source in your attic and will ruin a roof’s covering trying to gain access to the heat beneath your roof. While mice may be the first creatures that come to mind, raccoons, squirrels and rats are a problem for the Columbia and Lexington homeowner. They also target roofs and attics as a nest location. Birds and bats may also be guilty of damaging your roofing materials if you are a homeowner in the Columbia and Lexington area.

Animals commonly gain access to the inter-workings of your roof through the soffits and soffit vents. They tear at the surrounding roofing material or the soffit itself until they have enough space to squeeze underneath your roofing materials and into your attic. They can remove roofing shingles and bore holes through rotting roofing boards to enter or gain access through a chimney or gutter. While larger rodents such as raccoons may not be able to enter your roof through roofing fans or vents, small rodents can easily overcome roofing materials in their hunt for a warm, dry place to build a nest. Once an entrance hole has been made in your roof, other animals will also find a way inside, along with water, ice, and wind, which can saturate or weaken wood and destroy roofing shingles and other roofing materials.

While animals may initially want to use parts of your roof or attic as their nest, once inside, they often destroy electrical wiring and venting systems. Rats, mice and squirrels gnaw on wiring and wood, causing significant damage which can lead to expensive roofing and electrical repairs. Overall, animals and birds do not only have the capability of causing expensive roof damage which leads to expensive roofing repairs, they can also severely damage the electrical system and the heating and air system within your home.

First defense to protecting your roof from damage caused by animals is to make sure all tree branches are trimmed away from your roof. Overhanging branches are the easiest way for animals to climb onto your roof’s surface. Next, clean roofing debris from gutters regularly to deter birds from nesting in the space, preventing proper water drainage from your roof. Also, walk around the perimeter of the roof from ground level and look for missing roof shingles or torn roofing materials. You may need to call a local roofing contractor skilled at animal damage when you notice any signs of an infestation or interior and exterior roof damage from animals.

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