Never delay repairing a water leak originating from your roof.  Water leaks in your roofing system never go away on their own and will cause serious, extensive damage to your home over time. Our advice to any homeowner with a leaking roof is to call a locally owned, experienced, roofing professional immediately. A small leak can quickly lead to bigger problems such as mold and rotten wood. The good news is that when roof leaks are caught early and fixed immediately, you can minimize the damage and roof repair costs to your home. Calling a local roofing expert to help you determine your roofing needs is a wise step in maintaining a healthy, functioning roofing system.

Once a homeowner is aware that their roof is leaking, they often want to know why their roof started to leak and how they might have prevented the leaking.  Below we have listed some of the more common reasons your roof may have developed a roof leak.

  1. Old and worn roof shingles

Deteriorating shingles is one of the common causes of a leaking roof. However, just because shingles are old and weathered does not mean the shingles are the problem with your roof. However, shingle quality does play a role in how quickly shingles deteriorate over time. Other considerations include the degree of slope of the roof, amount of exposure your shingles have to UV radiation, large daily temperature swings, and whether there is proper insulation and ventilation in your roofing system.

  1. Poorly Installed Roof

Aside from the quality of your roofing materials, the installation is equally as important.  If your roofing system is not professionally installed, your roof will have weaknesses that will give way to leaking in no time. Proper roof installation includes many steps which includes laying down barriers that protect the roof structure from ice and water. Also, a felt underlayment should be placed under the shingles. An experienced local roofer will guarantee that the roof flashings are properly finished, and the roofing shingles are nailed down properly.

  1. Inferior roof shingles

As mentioned above, the quality of the roofing shingles you choose influence how long your shingles will last. An experienced, local roofer can inform you of the different qualities and types of roof shingles and their manufacturer’s warranties. The quality of roof shingles you choose to install on your roof play an important role in how well they weather the hot summers in the Columbia and Lexington areas, as well as the cold weather during the winter months.

  1. Wind and Other Extreme Conditions

High sudden winds can also damage the exterior of your roof by lifting away roof shingles and poorly fastened roof flashing. If missing roofing shingles and flashing are not quickly replaced, rain and snow will eventually find their way past your roofing system into ceilings and walls, causing major roof repair bills down the road.

  1. Small Animals

The Columbia and Lexington areas are known for an abundance of squirrels. Animals, especially raccoons and squirrels, can cause a large amount of damage to your home’s roof. Small animals tend to tear off roof shingles and pull on vents to try to find an opening into your home causing extensive damage to your roof and possible damage to your home’s interior.

  1. Trees and Other Debris

Another threat to your roofing system is tree branches and limbs that constantly rub on your roof’s shingles.  Overtime tree limbs and debris can cause significant damage. Regular roof inspections are needed to uncover these situations and correct them before they cause serious roof damage.

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