Has a storm hit your neighborhood and caused property damage to your home? A situation like this often times leaves homeowners with more questions than answers. How bad is the damage to my roof? Can my roof be repaired? Do I need a full roof replacement? Is this damage covered by my homeowner’s insurance? Where can I find a reliable contractor? Who do I call next?


  1.  Have your roof inspected by a local contractor or roofer who has a background in insurance claims. This will ensure that you have someone who knows what to look for. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if you are told you have no damage, especially if your neighbors are being told they have damage.
  2. In most cases, any damage caused by a sudden event like a storm will be covered by your homeowner’s policy. Keep in mind that your deductible could change in a storm event ( some more modern policies have built-in percentage deductibles for storm damage)
  3. Local roofing contractors are always the number one choice. Make sure your roof repair service is financially stable, bonded, and always ask them to supply you with a certificate of insurance before they hammer the first nail.
  4. If you suspect damage you should call a roof repair expert to inspect the damage first. Then call your insurance carrier. It is always a great idea to inform your agent when you file a claim and ask your contractor to keep your insurance agent informed as to the progress of your claim.

Wind and hail damage can happen quickly. Storms do not  have to last  more that just a few moments to cause significant roofing damage. Hiring a qualified Roofing Contractor  to make repairs to your roof will save you money in the long run. We often find that roof flashing is one of the most common sources of roof leaks. if you have a roof leak, having it repaired quickly is critical.

Roof leaks can often result in water stains on ceilings and walls. It is often easier and less time consuming to find a roofer who is capable of making your interior repairs as well as the roof repairs.  A good quality roofer will have someone who is capable of making repairs to popcorn ceilings and painting walls and ceilings.

Storm damage will often result in damage that warrants a roof replacement. In most cases this will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Be sure that your Roofing contractor  is present to meet with your insurance adjuster to inspect the damage. Sands Roofing has licensed adjusters to insure that your interest  represented and you are treated fairly by your insurance carrier. We are seeing more and more drones being used to inspect roofs but a camera can miss damage. Be sure your roofer inspects your roof closely for damage. Often when hail strikes your roof it will not leave a mark but more of a dent that will wear much more quickly. This type of damage cant be seen by a drone.