Roof leaks can be difficult to find and even more difficult to repair!

Sometimes a little caulk or maybe even a shingle replacement is something a homeowner can tackle on his own. We will try to give you some tips and pointers that may make some simple repairs a less daunting task. We will also try to define some instances when hiring a professional roofer is the safest and often least expensive option. No matter the situation it is always better to know your situation before you start trying to make a repair!

Many Roofing repairs can be simple and inexpensive to fix. Often times a skilled homeowner may want to attempt such repairs on their own. Here are some things to know and look out for if you are going to try to make a roofing repair on your own. First, you will need to gather the correct shingles, nails, and underlayment. The shingle will need to match in color and size. Not all brands of shingles will be the same size so you may want to call your local roofer to help determine the brand and color shingle you will need. Nails: you will need the correct nails and tools. The most common roofing nail is a 1 1/4 inch roofing nail and a 16 oz claw hammer to drive the nails to the correct depth. If the sheathing is doubling as ceiling material (cathedral type applications) this may require a 1′ roofing nail. Underlayment is required for all shingle applications, normally 15# felt or synthetic felt will be the underlayment of choice. It is not necessary to match it exactly. Plastic button caps are also needed to nail the underlayment to the sheathing.

More complicated roof repairs should be left to a professional with the correct equipment and experience to give you a seamless repair that will last the life of your roof. If your roof pitch is more than a 5/12 we recommend calling a professional just due to the danger of falling and difficulty securing material while on the roof. If the repair is on the ridge or in a valley we recommend calling a professional. If any sheathing damage is visible from the inside of the attic we recommend calling a professional. Sands Roofing  will inspect for free and maybe help you determine if the repair is something you want to tackle or hire out.

Bottom line is your local roofing professional is here to help. That shouldn’t always cost money. Sands roofing can help you whether you want to make your own repair or get us to fix it the right way. Sometimes a repair can be made for less than 300.00 and your roof will be as good as new! Be careful anytime you get on your roof and always wear safety gear. If you  are not sure about making a roof repair call us and we can help. Sands Roofing 803-520-6154