Frozen pipes

 Frozen Pipes ?

As we see the heart of winter descend upon the midlands of South Carolina and the cold sets in, frozen pipes becomes a very real concern. We see a spike in calls from frozen pipes every year when the temperature dips below 20F. The number 1 safe guard is to have a plan in place. Know who your first call will be too. Generally speaking a Plumber will be first on that list. However, I often recommend folks make the first call to a licensed water mitigation specialist such as Sincerely Yours Inc    or a trusted contractor who specializes in insurance related water damage such as Sands Enterprises . You will often find that plumbing companies are backed up and these type companies will have plumbers standing by to make emergency repairs.

In most cases the next call will be to your insurance carrier. They will more than likely be overwhelmed with calls as well and you may not be able to get someone to look at your property right away. This is when a contractor who knows how to interpret your policy and has a clear understanding of what is generally covered and what is not covered is invaluable. We find that in these situations most insurance carriers are sincerely trying to get you and your property back to normal as soon as possible.

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frozen pipes
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