Custom from top to bottom
Exotic Granite
Hand built cabinets
Granite back splash
Custom corner sink tucked away behind the bar top
Custom Cabinets
Custom hand-built boxes
Demo Day
Out with the old store bought and in with the new custom design
Custom Kitchens
The product is stunning!

A true Custom Kitchen is one of a kind. It is an expression of the homeowner; a place to show the taste and style of the owner. Here are some photos of a truly custom kitchen we had the privilege of bringing to life! From the inverted corner cuts in the back splash  to the table extension done in super exotic splendor white granite, This is a true one of a kind.  The Cabinets where the refrigerator is take the place of a single door pantry. The door and wall were removed to recess the refrigerator and create that truly custom look and make room for the rounded  table extension.   The sink was moved to the corner to allow full use of the bar top. This required a larger corner and expanded depth of the cabinets. All of the doors are and drawers are soft close. The existing cabinets got a full makeover with new doors and a super slick air sprayed paint job.