Now that summer is upon us, families around the Lexington and Columbia areas are spending more time outdoors to soak up the sun and enjoy the weather. And while the seasonal climate may be perfect for cookouts and other family gatherings, it can also cause problems for your home’s roofing system. That’s why most roofing contractors recommend scheduling a roof inspection as a quick health check to identify roofing problems that may lead to costly roof repairs or roof replacements in the future. Late summer is usually one of the busiest seasons for roofing contractors in the Lexington and Columbia areas, so it’s important to plan ahead and call in the roofing experts if you think there may be an issue with your home’s roof.

Generally speaking, early summer is the best time to begin preparation to defend your home’s roof against the harsh summer temperatures and the not to distant winter elements.  Although we may be several months out from the winter conditions, there is a lot that can go wrong with your roofing system before the cold weather ever rolls in. Any flaws in your roof’s infrastructure or your roof’s surface can quickly evolve into large-scale roofing repair projects if left unchecked – even one out-of-place shingle can possibly lead to significant water damage to your roof. To help you prepare for any unexpected roofing damage, we have put together a list of seasonal roofing risks that every home owner should keep in mind:


South Carolina generally has high humidity during the summer months. The moisture in the air creates an ideal environment for mold and algae, which can damage your roof’s exterior and weaken your roof’s support structure. The best way to avoid these types of roofing problems is to make sure your attic is properly ventilated and free from excessive moisture. To avoid this problem, most roofing contractors install soffit vents that allow fresh air to be pulled into your attic and roof vents that will naturally expel humid air that is present in the Lexington and Columbia areas. Another risk associated with poor ventilation is dry rot, which can weaken your roof’s wooden structure. Improperly installed roof flashing or corroded roof flashing contributes to dry rot.



While summer thunderstorms are quite common in South Carolina, they can be extremely unpredictable. For example, a sudden microburst can lead to severe flooding in some areas. Planning for these intense downpours may be difficult but staying alert and active can help reduce the damage.  Your local roofer will be able to address any damages immediately.  A “microburst” is a localized column of sinking air that often forms within thunderstorms, increasing their wind speeds and water output. In fact, microbursts can reach up to 100 mph which can cause major damage to your home’s roofing system and other structures in their path. These types of weather patterns are responsible for prying up loose shingles on your roof, overwhelming downspouts, and introducing a ton of excess moisture into small spaces, like your attic. After your home is hit by a microburst, it is important to have your local roofer inspect your roof for any signs of structural damage and your basement for pools of water. Minor flooding can be a warning that your roof flashing is faulty or your gutters are either clogged or misaligned, which can cause serious drainage problems in the fall and winter.


The outer layers that give asphalt shingles their longevity may dry up when exposed to UV rays for extended periods of time. This can lead to numerous roofing problems like prematurely warped shingles, cracked shingles, and curled shingles, which may allow water to seep into your roof’s decking unless the roof shingles are replaced. The excessive heat contributes to the constant expansion and contraction of your roof’s shingles which can cause overall wear and tear to your roofing system.  It is important to keep up with your roof’s basic maintenance and resolve any issues as soon as they are identified.

If you suspect your roof needs repair, do not wait to seek out an expert opinion. At Sands Roofing and Construction, our licensed roofing professionals work with Columbia and Lexington  homeowners to identify potential roofing problems and develop a plan that can fit into your busy schedule and your budget.

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