As we move into spring through the southeast and the weather turns from mild to hot. afternoon storms become the norm. While most afternoon storms will be a welcomed cool shower with a scattered clap of thunder. the chance for that sudden storm producing hail and heavy wind is ever present. When that happens finding the right roofer can be like rolling the dice and hoping for a lucky 7.

The Right Roofer 

The right roofer could be more difficult to find directly after a storm event than ever before. Why? As hard as it may be to believe there are many roofing companies that are actually traveling organizations that “Storm Chase” (set up shop in an area that has been hit by a storm and leave when the bulk of the need is filled). Its not to say that all of these companies are sub par but they are not doing business regularly in your community and may not be around if you encounter a problem down the road. Worst case scenario is they ask for a down payment and never show up to do the work. THIS HAPPENS! Why take a chance?  These types of companies will normally account for roughly 50% of the roofing in the first month following a weather event.

You will also find some local start up companies in the mix to earn your business. This can be a quality option. The key is to do your research on the start up guys, check their back ground, work history, financial status and standing with the local roofing material supplier. The biggest red flag with the start up companies is asking for a partial payment to “buy material” JUST SAY NO. Your roofer needs to have the financial wherewithal to buy the material and pay for the labor .

The good news is there are several really high quality roofing contractors in the Lexington and Columbia South Carolina area. They will be busy. they will most likely have a longer wait than the other options. They will certainly be the safest and most reliable choice. While we here at Sands Enterprises hope for the opportunity to help you with all of your roofing and contracting needs. we understand that we cannot service everyone.  Our local community  and its well being is important to us. Here are some good ways to find high quality local options

  1. Ask your insurance agent
  2. Don’t choose the guy walking door to door asking you to sign a contract
  3. Choose a local company 
  4. Do not use a roofer who is not willing to meet your insurance adjuster during the inspection of your roof (they need to be there to point out the damage to insure your claim is handled correctly)