Storm Claim

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Storm Claim on your most valuable possession can be very stressful. Having the right information is critical to navigating any Storm Claim. Sands Enterprises is your Local Lexington SC Roofer and we have the resources to help you navigate your next storm claim.  Here are some ways you can help speed the process along.

  1. Have your claim inspected by a local Lexington SC Roofing contractor that is familiar with insurance policies. ( We obviously prefer you call Sands Enterprises at 803-520-6154 )
  2. Take photos of the damage you can see and photograph safely.
  3. Make a list of the damaged areas so that you can point your adjuster in the right direction.
  4. If you have a leak or broken window, Go ahead and have a tarp or plywood put up to secure the area until your adjuster can arrive.
  5. Have your Local Roofer meet your adjuster onsite to inspect.

A Storm Claim in Lexington SC can happen at any moment. Spring brings in  warm weather but it also brings afternoon Storms! Most of the time these evening storms are quick and simply serve as an afternoon cool down. On occasion Lexington SC will see these evening showers turn violent and that is when your chosen Roofing Expert can help!

Storm Claim
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