If you want to understand how your roofing system works you need to be familiar with two of the most important parts of the roof — the soffit and fascia. The soffit and fascia contribute to the overall structure and function of your roofing system and to the most common roofing problems that face homeowners in the Columbia and Lexington areas.

What is a soffit?

The soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave. The soffit features a plain design with holes that provide for air circulation. The air from the roofing soffit cycles to the vents to draw heat and moisture away from your house. This function is critically important to your roofing system because moisture in the attic can lead to rot in the roof’s sheathing and rafters. A damaged soffit is a common roof repair that can easily be rectified by your local Columbia/Lexington roofer.

Because soffits need to withstand heat and moisture exposure they are made from vinyl. This is critically important to your roofing system considering the soffit is readily exposed to moisture due to faulty gutters and consistent wet weather conditions often experienced in the Columbia and Lexington areas. Vinyl should always be the material of choice to compose your soffit since this material is water-resistant and cost-effective. Vinyl also saves energy because it helps regulate the temperature in your attic.

What is fascia?

Roofing fascia board is another common area of your roofing system that may become damaged. The fascia is a vertical finishing edge connected to the ends of the roofing rafters, trusses, or the area where the gutter is attached to the roof. The function of the fascia is meant to protect the wooden board against water damage that can occur during certain weather conditions by acting as a layer between the edge of the roof and the environment. Damaged fascia is another common roof repair that can be quickly corrected by your local roofer in the Columbia/Lexington areas.

In addition to fascia’s functional role, the fascia also plays an important aesthetic role since it creates a smoother appearance for the edge of your roof. While protecting the wooden board from water damage, the fascia also contributes to protecting the entire roof and the interior of the house from weather damage by blocking water entrance into your home.

If your home’s roofing system shows damage due to soffit or fascia dysfunction, or shows other signs of damage, it’s important that you contact a local roofer near you in the Columbia or Lexington area immediately to prevent exposing your home’s roofing system to damaging weather conditions due to a lack of proper protection.

If you suspect your roof needs repair, seek out an expert opinion from your local roofer immediately. At Sands Roofing, our licensed roofing professionals work with Columbia and Lexington homeowners to identify potential roofing repairs that are needed and to develop a plan that can fit into your busy schedule and your budget.

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