Our homes are one of our biggest and most important investments. For many people, their home is a place of security and pride, and our homes can offer financial security when well maintained. While most homeowners invest in some upkeep they often attend to the interior of their homes. Most homeowners forego the more costly upgrades that include roofs, windows, and doors. But is it a mistake to ignore your roof, windows, and exterior doors? Ignoring your roof, windows, and doors can be more costly in the long run than you may think.
Old single pane windows may be increasing your monthly utility bill and contributing to the uneven heating and cooling in your home. If your home feels uncomfortable in the summer and winter months, it may not be your heating and cooling system. It could be leaky window frames and single paned glass windows. Vinyl replacement windows that have two panes of glass will keep the temperature in your home even, without drafts. In addition to this added comfort, your new replacement windows will significantly increase your curb appeal. Ask your local roofer to assist you with finding out more about replacement windows for your home.

Old doors can also contribute to an uncomfortable interior environment. Doors exposed to harsh weather are prone to warping over time. The weather stripping around your exterior doors wears away and increase air flow entering and leaving your home. Old doors will fade over time when exposed to harsh weather and the design may become outdated detracting from your home’s curb appeal. Replacement doors will solve the problem of a drafty home at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Sands Roofing and Construction can assist you with all your exterior and interior door needs.

New doors and vinyl replacement windows are a great way to increase the value of your home, improve the comfort of your home and improve your home’s curb appeal. New doors and windows come in a wide variety of styles that makes it easy to find the right style for your home. And replacement doors are sold in steel, wood, aluminum, or engineered products. Sands Roofing and Construction will be able to advise you on the type and style of door that would best fit your home and your needs. Sands Roofing and Construction’s knowledgeable staff can show you an assortment of choices to choose from for your project.
In addition to replacement windows and doors your roof is another area of your home that can improve the comfort of your home as well as your curb appeal? The quality of your home’s roof affects your home’s energy consumption. A high quality professionally installed roof can decrease your utility bill by reducing air transfer. This way, you will maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without overusing your HVAC system. While a roof’s most important job is to protect your home from rain, sun, and harsh weather, it also plays a major role in your curbside appeal. Roofing shingles come in many styles and colors. Your local licensed roofer can assist you in making the right decisions for your home and your budget.
Your local, professional roofer in the Columbia and Lexington areas is your best avenue to a healthy, functional roof and home. Sands Roofing and Construction serves the Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas. We can answer all your roofing and construction questions. 1.803.520.6154