Most of us enjoy a good DIY project! We get a lot of satisfaction from completing a project, and we save some money in the process. But, while many people see themselves as capable DIYers, your home’s roof is not a great project to learn a new skill. Hiring a qualified, local, licensed roofer to handle your home’s necessary roof repairs is critical for getting your roof repaired properly, promptly, and cost-effectively, even if for a little extra money. When you hire a qualified, licensed roofing contractor, there are several services you can expect to receive — services many DIYers would not be able to duplicate successfully without extensive training, years of expertise, and risk of injury.

Partial or Full Roof Replacement

After approximately of 20 years of wear and tear, your home’s roof is probably in need of roofing repair or even a full roof replacement. Missing shingles, loose shingles, or cracked shingles are usually an obvious call for roofing support, while persistent roof leaks or sun shining through holes in the roof can be proof of even greater roofing problems. A qualified, licensed roofer can take on these difficult roofing tasks, using years of roofing experience to repair or replace your roof with high-quality materials with the necessary tools of the roofing trade.

Proper Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Your licensed, local roofer is trained in optimizing your home’s ventilation and insulation systems which are an integral part of your home’s roofing system.  Maintaining a constant temperature in your home is due to the hard work of your home’s roofing system, ventilation system, and insulation system. If air exchange does not take place throughout your home during the hot summer months, your utility bills could escalate considerably while your air conditioning unit is trying to keep up with the outside temperatures. Meanwhile, adequate insulation is necessary during colder winter months to seal in the heat and keep your home at a comfortable temperature without overworking your heating system. A licensed, local, roofing contractor is trained to handle these tasks, and can optimize your home’s interior systems to save you money through the coldest and hottest seasons of the year. It is important to contact a local roofer near you to get answers to your concerns about ventilation and insulation.

Installing or Repairing Skylights

Skylights are a part of your roofing system that can bring welcoming natural light and warmth to your home, but they can also bring roofing leaks and create inadequate ventilation. A professional roofer is knowledgeable in addressing these roofing issues and can protect your home from further damage by sealing the window frames of the skylights in your roof.

DIY renovation projects can be fun and rewarding, but when it comes to roofing replacement or roofing repairs, taking chances can lead to severe results. Hire a professional, local roofer for exceptional quality work and service, and have confidence in your local roofing contractor to be able to address all your roofing needs.

If you suspect your roof needs repair, do not wait to seek out an expert opinion from your local roofer. At Sands Roofing, our licensed roofing professionals work with Columbia and Lexington homeowners to identify potential roofing problems and develop a plan that can fit into your busy schedule and your budget.

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