Protecting Your Roof: Your home’s roof is exposed to the natural elements every day. So, how can you protect your roof from rain, wind, snow, hail or sleet so that it can function properly and protect your home. One of the best ways to protect your roof is to ask your local roofer about a gutter system. A gutter system has many benefits, and it makes sense to have one installed on your roof, especially in the Columbia and Lexington areas where we have lots of debris from trees after strong winds and storms.

What is a Gutter System? A gutter system, also known as a surface water collection channel, is a part of a system that routes water and other types of precipitation away from your roof. All gutters collect precipitation running off a roof and directs it to downspouts that carry the precipitation off your roof to the ground. The system’s purpose is to ensure minimal roofing damage under harsh weather conditions. Your local roofing expert can answer additional questions about a gutter system.

Listed below are some of the advantages that installing a gutter system to your roof will afford your home.

Improving the exterior appearance of your home: A gutter system will reroute water from your roof preventing staining on the sides of your house. A moist roof can become the site for mold to form and decay to occur creating damage to your roof. Maintaining the appearance of your home’s roof adds to the overall appearance of your home increasing its curb appeal and its overall value.

Preventing Structural Damage to Your Roof:. When rain or snow builds up on your roof, it can trickle into the foundation and weaken the structural integrity of your roof and your home’s framework. When the weather gets colder, ice dams can form on your roof. The weight of the ice can ruin the roof’s framework and cause unnecessary wear on your roofing shingles requiring the expert advice from your local roofing contractor.

Helping Prevent Hazards: Without a quality gutter system, run-off water from your roof could create unnecessary hazards in your yard. The run-off water from your roof can find its way onto the ground, freeze and create a  hazard.  And, standing water from roof runoff also attracts an influx of pests and insects looking to nest around your home creating unpleasant outdoor conditions.

Maintenance of Your Gutter System: Once you have a gutter system installed you may want to know, how to take care of your roofing system? The answer is simple. Installing covers on your roof’s gutter system will protect the roofing system and help it function as designed. No more climbing a ladder to clean out a clogged roofing system. The purpose of  covers on your roof’s gutter system is to stop water or any type of debris such as leaves, acorns, pine needles from clogging up your roofing system. The covers will also prevent rusting because it stops all the wet debris from collecting in your roofing system. As listed above, there are plenty of advantages to having a gutter system installed as part of your roofing system. A complete roofing system that includes a quality gutter system will protect your home’s roof  from the debris that falls consistently in the spring and fall seasons. This debris includes pine straw and leaves which is abundant in the Columbia and Lexington areas.

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