Roofing repair

Consumer Beware

There are so many stories of scams in the roofing industry they are almost cliché.

Whether you need a new roof or a roof repair, you need to protect yourself from journeyman fix-it guys who might be able to do a decent job nailing
shingles but don’t have the training or insurance and bonding required to protect the homeowner. Then, there are unscrupulous contractors and legitimate
roofing companies who take advantage of every bad storm to sell new roofs to people who don’t need them.

As with any roof repair, you have the right to choose who makes your repairs and when they are made. Contact the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation to make sure the roofer is licensed to do business in this state.

Insurance companies are there to help the policyholders recover quickly from losses,” said Russ Dubisky, executive director of the South Carolina Insurance
News Service. “However, it is equally important that the policyholder be satisfied with the quality of repairs and service.”

  • Take your time in choosing a roofing contractor. Contact more than one company and get written estimates for the proposed job.
  • Make temporary roof repairs yourself if possible. Keep receipts for materials purchased to file with your insurance company. Beware of contractors who
    encourage you to spend a lot of money on temporary repairs.
  • Never give a deposit until you have checked the company thoroughly and have a written contract.
  • Do not allow a contractor to inspect your roof or other parts of your property unless you requested it.
  • Talk to your insurance company yourself about the damage claim. A contractor cannot speak for your insurer or the details of your policy.

roofing repairHere are Some Other Tips

Almost all roofing repair scams come from unsolicited work–they begin with a knock on the door from a contractor seeking work. By doing some basic research you can
be sure you are working with a good roofing contractor:

  • An established roof repair service only expects payment after the insurance company has paid out. They will not ask for money up front.
  • Get testimonials from friends or family, or read online reviews.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau or local professional organizations to see if they have received any complaints about the contractor you are
  • Find out how long the company has been in business; what licenses and certifications they hold; and if all required licenses are up-to-date

Sands Enterprises is the Right Choice for Your Roof Repair

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  • We offer full-service roofing and residential restoration In Lexington and Columbia for damage caused by fire, weather, water, vandalism, burglary and vehicle impact.
  • We use the same cutting-edge technology to estimate projects costs your insurance company does to ensure our estimates line up with what your company will cover.
  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, for your protection.

Call now to ask about roof installation and other roofing services.


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