Roof repair and replacement is difficult work. Temperatures, weather conditions, and the height and slope of a roof work together to increase the level of difficulty of a roof repair job or a full roof replacement. If your home needs a new roof or your roof needs repairing, fall is often the best time to hire a roofing professional for roof installation or roof repair services in the Columbia or Lexington areas. If you are considering replacing or repairing your roof, the autumn season is an ideal time for the following reasons.  Severe weather, including excessive rain and high temperatures, that damage roofs are more likely during the spring and summer. Fall is the ideal time to assess any roof damage that may have occurred during rainy spring months or the hot and humid summer months and determine what roofing services are necessary. Cooler, drier weather during the autumn months make them ideal for roof repairs or roof replacement. Most experts agree that roofing is best installed when the temperature is between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially true if your roofers are installing asphalt shingles, the most used type of roofing material. Moderate temperatures help accelerate better thermal sealing of asphalt shingles, ensuring that they firmly adhere to the roof. Also, cooler fall temperatures make work more comfortable for the professionals installing or repairing your roof. In addition, the cooler weather enables your roofing experts more scheduling flexibility since they do not have to work around extreme temperatures. Shingles can become more difficult to work with in the cold weather. When temperatures are cold, asphalt shingles tend to become brittle and more likely to break when roofers are nailing them to the roof. Depending on conditions, roofers may have to put aside their roofing guns and hand nail shingles to avoid breakage, causing delays and higher roofing costs. Furthermore, extreme winter conditions can exacerbate existing damage to a roof. The weight of a moderate to heavy snowfall can quickly increase damage to an already-compromised roof.  By hiring a local roofing professional to complete your roofing job in the fall season, new roofing shingles have sufficient time to completely bond to the roof before wet winter weather arrives. Proper bonding to the roof enables the roofing shingles to better insulate your home from cold temperatures and moisture. Winter weather can worsen existing damage to a roof, causing holes to get larger or leaks to worsen. If you live in an area prone to snow, the weight of snowfall on an already-compromised roof can cause expensive damage. By taking care of your home’s roofing needs in the autumn, you will be able to enjoy the security of a better insulated home in the cold winter months. A new, professionally installed roof can help reduce heating bills, helping to reduce the cost of renovations or repairs.


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