1. Roofing repair

    Local Roofing Expert

    Sands Enterprises Roofing Services Finding a local roofing expert can be a challenge in the aftermath of a storm event. That being said, it can be the most critical time to find someone you can trust has the expertise you need to ensure your property is restored correctly. Sands Enterprises serves t…Read More

  2. Leaking Roof?

    ¬† Sands Enterprises Roof Repair Do you have a leaking roof? Are you noticing brown spots on your ceiling? Don't neglect arguably the most important part of your home, your roof. Your roof protects the entire structure under it. A small roof leak can create an array of problems from rafter rot to mo…Read More

  3. Water mitigation

    Broken Water Pipe? Who to Call

    Navigating your way through all of the stress that is often associated with a large water loss due to a broken pipe can be overwhelming. If you have a broken water pipe who is the first person to call? The time to make that decision is now, not when the water is pouring into your kitchen or bathroom…Read More

  4. Tips for Finding the Right Roofer

    As we move into spring through the southeast and the weather turns from mild to hot. afternoon storms become the norm. While most afternoon storms will be a welcomed cool shower with a scattered clap of thunder. the chance for that sudden storm producing hail and heavy wind is ever present. When tha…Read More

  5. Fire damage

    Choosing The Right Insurance Agent

    The choices are limitless when it comes to buying insurance. It seems like there is an agency on every street corner! Choosing the right insurance agent can be a critical part of being protected. Your agent is there to guide you through the ever changing landscape of property coverage and the hundre…Read More

  6. After

    Custom Bathrooms

    When Custom Bathrooms are done correctly, they can be the most relaxing escape in your home! Master Bathrooms have been the true selling point of custom homes for many years now and most high end new homes come with a large master bathroom. Sometimes the most desired neighborhoods are in older parts…Read More

  7. Fire Damage: Its never too far gone!

    Fire can easily wreck havoc on a property. It is not just the fire itself that ravages the structure. Smoke odor invades building materials and personal belongings of every kind, and soot damages walls not consumed by flames. Experiencing a fire can be devastating to you, your family and loved ones.…Read More

  8. roofing repair

    Professional Roof Inspections

    Be sure your next roof inspection is done by a qualified inspector. Professional Roof Inspections are almost always done from the roof! Very rarely can a thorough inspection be done with binoculars or even drones. There is no replacement for eyes up close. Be sure you have an inspection done the rig…Read More

  9. Granite

    Wood Flooring

    Choosing the right flooring can be difficult as there are many options to choose from. One of those choices is Engineered wood flooring. These types of flooring offer rugged durability and phenomenal scratch resistance. Most engineered ¬†flooring products are best when glued down. today we will expl…Read More

  10. Roof Inspection

    Roofing how to tell if its done right

    So you had some bad weather and sustained damage to your roof. You filed a claim with your insurance carrier and it was approved! The guy next door had his roof done for less than the insurance company allowed! His roof looks great, he must be a great negotiator, right? Well, maybe but more likely h…Read More