For many years metal roofs belonged on sheds, barns, or commercial buildings. But today, metal roofing systems are finding their way into many residential communities in the Columbia and Lexington areas. Metal roofing products are available to fit most of today’s architectural styles, whether a modern or contemporary home, a farmhouse style home, or a quaint bungalow.

Residential metal roofing systems are generally made of steel, aluminum, or copper. Steel or aluminum roof sheeting needs a coating to avoid corrosion, while copper is non-corrosive.  Steel roofing sheets are given a metallic coating to prevent rust, followed by a baked-on paint finish. Aluminum roofing sheets do not require the metallic coating but do need to be coated with a paint developed to stand up to the elements. Copper roofing sheets do not need the metallic coating, nor do they need to be painted, because copper roofing systems weather the elements without corroding.  Steel roofing products are coated with either zinc or a mixture of aluminum and zinc. You can buy roofing sheets coated with a variety of thicknesses. If you choose to use one of the thicker choices your metal roofing material will last longer, but your roof will cost you more.

Your home’s location should play a part in your decision when choosing roofing materials. In areas by the ocean, you should choose an aluminum-based roofing panel. In areas with high exposure to UV light you should choose a premium certified paint coating. Metal roofing products come in many shapes and typically your local roofer will install the roofing sheets as interlocking panels on your roof.

The primary benefit of metal roofing is its ability to stand up to the environment which adds to its longevity. Manufacturers often offer 50-year warranties and some even offer lifetime warranties on their roofing products. They claim their roofing products will last two to four times longer than roofs with asphalt shingles.  Another benefit of a metal roofing system is its ability to increase your home’s value. Homeowners often recover most of the expense of a metal roofing system when they sell their homes. There are other advantages, as well. Metal roofs are lightweight, sometimes allowing them to be installed directly over old roofs. And when metal roofing is painted with specially formulated “cool pigments”, solar energy is reflected and discharged rather than trapped as heat in the attic.  Additionally, metal roofs are effective in preventing the spread of fire. In fact, some insurance companies allow a discount if you have a metal roof. In addition, metal roofing is often made with a substantial percentage of recycled metal and when the metal roofing system is no longer viable, the metal roofing system can be recycled again.

As metal roofing systems have evolved from one roofing market to another there are myths that need to be dispelled. Here are the most common myths about metal roofing:

  • Metal roofs are noisy in the rain. In reality, metal roofing systems are not noisy and may even be quieter than other roof types.
  • Metal roofs are susceptible to damage by hail.  Extremely large hailstones may cause some denting in a metal roof, however, normal hailstorms will not damage a metal roof. With textured roofs, minor denting in your roofing system is not readily visible.
  • You cannot walk on a metal roof.  You can walk on your roof, but it is important to know how to walk on it to prevent damage.  It is always best to contact a local roofer near your home when you need anything inspected on your roof.
  • Your house will be colder in the winter if you have a metal roof. A metal roof will have no effect on the temperature of your home in the winter. The insulation under or on top of the floor of your attic is what will keep your home warm.


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