Your roof is often one of the most overlooked parts of your home. While a house’s roof may often be forgotten until something goes wrong, it is one of the most important parts of your home, both esthetically and functionally. A damaged or worn roof not only suggest hidden roofing repairs but is a distraction from your home’s curb appeal. Educating yourself about your roof will help you understand how to take care of it to enhance its functionality and its appearance. Knowing when to call in roofing professionals is important in taking care of your roofing system. Caring for your roofing system, however, requires some knowledge of your roof’s basic materials.Tool Belt, Roof, Belt, Tool

Sands Roofing and Construction, one of the top roofers in the Lexington and Columbia areas explains what you need to know about roofing components. Knowledge of the following four components of your roofing system are most important when caring for your home’s roof.

  • Flashings – Flashings are the metal pieces that divert water away from the most vulnerable areas of your roof such as the hips and valleys. They come in a variety of materials. These materials include copper, galvanized flashing, galvanized alloy, lead-coated copper and steel. Damaged flashing or incorrectly installed flashings are one of the leading causes of a leaking roof.
  • Trim – Roof trim is an integral part of your roofing system. Roof trim is there to give protection to the seams of your roof. You can see them in the highest peaks of your roof called the hips and ridges. Damage to your roof trim can allow water to enter your roofing system and damage the underlying structure. This type of roof damage can go unnoticed, and, also contribute to a leaking roof.
  • Underlayment – The underlayment is one of the most important parts of the roofing system. This part of your roof seals your roof from snow and rain and other natural elements. It is the black paper that roofers lay over the plywood sheeting on your roof. Typically, manufacturers use a membrane to add a waterproofing and vapor barrier. As experts in the roofing industry, we recommend regular roof inspections to keep your underlayment in good condition.
  • Shingles – The shingles serve two purposes. One is appearance. The type of roofing shingle you choose will impact the appearance of your home. But, more importantly, the shingles bear the full brunt of the weather’s abuse on your roof. It is important to recognize torn, missing, and damaged roof shingles so they can be repaired in a timely manner. Your local roofer can give you expert advice on which shingles are best for your climate.

These four components of your roof work together to create a barrier to protect your home from the harsh winter weather to the blazing hot summers. Sands Roofing and Construction is the local roofing company you can always depend on. We have experience in providing exceptional roofing services. Sands Roofing and Construction serves the Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas. We can answer your roofing questions. 1.803.520.6154