Roof repair
A leaking roof is not always obvious but can cause serious damage to your home if not detected early. It is important for a homeowner to be aware of the most common areas to look for roofing leaks. As soon as you see the signs of a leaking roof like water stains it is important to address the problem quickly. Sands Roofing and Construction is a local company that specializes in maintenance and repair of roofing systems in the Columbia/ Lexington and surrounding areas. To help homeowners maintain a healthy roofing system this article will address some of the more common areas that should be checked regularly for leaks.
Chimney Flashing – If your house has a chimney you will want to check the flashing around the chimney to make sure it has not pulled away from the foundation. The flashing around the chimney is a common source of roofing leaks. Flashing covers a large gap between the chimney and the roof, and it tends to pull away or rust over time.
Problem shingles – Roofing shingles can be damaged by harsh weather or aging. When water gets past the shingles, it can seep into the underneath foundation of your roof which can lead to leaks inside the home. Look for signs like loose granules, curling or buckling shingles, or obvious missing shingles on your roof.
Gutters – Gutters are often an overlooked part of the roofing system, but they are an important part of your roofing system. When gutters are clogged, or damaged water backs up and causes leaks. In the winter that water can freeze in the gutter and cause a multitude of other roofing problems, Gutters should be maintained even if you do not suspect that your roof is leaking.

Valleys – When two planes of your roof intersect, the line where they meet is called a valley. These low areas in the roof line are a potential problem area for your roof. These areas are often covered in flashing, rolled roofing, or some other material. If water collects in these low areas water can penetrate your roof’s foundation and could leak into your home.

Ice dams – Ice dams are created by the ridges of ice that may form at the edge of your roof by built up snow. The snow melts and is not allowed to run off as intended. This accumulation of water can cause your roofing system to leak if not addressed in a timely manner.

Vents, pipes, and other roof penetrations – Your roofing system is complicated and includes various vents, pipes, and other penetrations. Any place on your roof where there is an object that protrudes above your roof line, there is a possibility of creating a leak. Flashing around these objects should be evaluated regularly for rust or loose spots.

Assessing this most common area where your roof may leak is one way to extend the life of your roof and to avoid extensive water damage on the exterior and interior of your home. Good home maintenance involves regular roofing inspections. Small leaks can become a major roofing problem when they are not detected early.
Your local, professional roofer in the Columbia and Lexington areas is your best avenue to a healthy, functional roof and home. Sands Roofing and Construction serves the Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas. We can answer all your roofing questions. 1.803.520.6154