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Be Prepared If Florence Hits The Midlands

Hurricane Florence may or may not have a direct impact on the Midlands of South Carolina. A direct impact could bring 80mph winds and over a foot of rainfall. Even if the eye of Florence makes landfall well north of the north and south Carolina line the midlands will likely bring high winds, Hail, and significant rainfall causing trees to become unstable. You cant change where the storm will hit but you can be prepared when florence does make landfall. Here are some tips to help you be prepared for storm damage. Sands Roofing and Construction 803-520-6154

Life safety comes first. Make sure you have water and food to last a minimum of 3 days. The storm may not last that long but a direct impact could have you stuck at home for a couple of days so be prepared. Make sure patio furniture and yard items are put away or tied down. High wind can turn typical yard items into flying missiles that can be very dangerous. Have a plan in the event the weather turns really bad. Hallways and interior bathrooms are the safest places to take refuge if you find yourself in the path of the very worst of the storm.

If you live close to the coast. Board up your windows and doors with glass in them. Cut away any loose tree debris such as hanging limbs or dead trees. depending on how close to the water you happen to be know how the anticipated tidal surge can impact you. Have some sand bags available in the event of rising water. Fill your gas tank , you may need to evacuate. Have candles and non perishable food available. Plenty of water again is a must.

For those folks further inland.  Hurricane Florence will likely deliver high wind and heavy rain. Have a trusted local roofer on standby in the event that you have a roof leak or wind and hail damage.  Sands Roofing and Construction is your local roofing expert. We can also make interior and structural repairs if needed.

If you do have roof damage from Hurricane Florence we are committed to repairing your roof quickly and correctly from a simple repair to a full roof replacement Sands Roofing and Construction is here to help.