Hail damage

Sands Roofing and Construction is committed to helping the residents of SC know what to look for after a major Hail storm. We have learned that most folks don’t really know it hail has actually damaged their home or not. We are going to try to help you understand what happens when hail hits your roof and why it is important to have it inspected even if your roof isn’t leaking. In the last week our neighbors in Hartsville and Kershaw counties experienced some really large hail and some of them got it twice. After speaking with some homeowners in the Hartsville area we have discovered that some of the homes have hail damage that needs to be inspected but is not showing signs of leaks. Some of the other residents in the Hartsville and Kershaw areas have holes through their roofs into the attic. Hail can hit with unbelievable force and cause real damage to your entire roofing system. Some of the areas had  less severe hail and many of those homeowners felt like the hail likely didn’t damage their roofs. If you have experienced hail and larger than dime size, it is very likely that you have sustained roof damage to some extent.

Storm Claim
  1. Be wary of contractors knocking on your door and asking you to file a claim for storm damage. Often times these are fly by night type operations many of them from out of town. Call a roofer that is local and have a professional inspection performed. Make sure that if someone tells you to file a claim that they are willing to meet with your adjuster to review the findings.
  2. Look for excessive granular loss around the gutter downspouts. This will look like sand that is the color of your roof shingles. This is common when hail has hit your roof
  3. Look for hail damage to your cars. If the hail was large enough to dent your can it almost certainly damaged your roof.
  4. Look at the “Soft Metals” around your home. Aluminum fascia, Mailbox, Gutter, Chimney Cap, and satellite dishes all show hail impact marks. This is something your insurance adjuster will look for when he/she inspects.
  5. If you need a roof inspection contact Sands Roofing and Construction.

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