Hail can cause damage to all types of roofing from commercial metal roofing to residential asphalt shingle roofing. Hail is often associated with early summer thunderstorms and is formed when moisture is taken high into the atmosphere but upward winds until it freezes and falls to earth. Hail can be anywhere from very small pellets up to soft ball size chunks, there have even been reports of volleyball size hail in Texas.

Storm Claim

Typically, hail will not cause damage to a roof unless it is at least  pea size or 1/4 inch in diameter. Hail stones the size of quarters like in the picture above will cause an unbelievable amount of damage to your roof.

Hail damage to an asphalt shingle roof like you would find in most residential applications would typically be very difficult to detect from the ground and would most likely only be detected by a roof inspection.  Damage can vary from large holes to small dents that can be very difficult to detect. In either scenario your roof has been compromised and the life span drastically reduced.


A small bruise like the one above will create a steady washout of the granules. The same spot 3 years later will likely be the size of a basketball. A single hail storm will likely drop hundreds of these small ice stones on your roof in less than 15 min.


Hail can be equally devastating to galvanized metal roofing. Hail damage can be nearly impossible to detect on a metal roof to the untrained eye because it does not necessarily have to cause a dent to severely damage the roof. The galvanizing process is basically a clear coating applied magnetically to roof sheathing. If that galvanizing is compromised by a hail impact the roofing can begin to rust quickly. This is the number 1 most over looked storm related issue by insurance adjusters. Often times adjusters do not have the training required to locate this type of damage. It is critical that business owners have their metal roofs inspected by a contractor or engineer with the skill to detect these issues and point them out to insurance carriers.

Hail is part of life here in Lexington SC and all across the midlands area. Have a plan in place to deal with a hail storm when it happens. A local roofer with insurance knowledge is a valuable ally when it comes to identifying storm damage, You will also find it very helpful to have your roofer (representing your best interest)   present during a roof inspection. You will find that most Insurance adjusters will appreciate the help and guidance from your roofer.

Be diligent when taking care of your roof. Have a roofer you trust do an inspection. (a true inspection requires getting on the roof) Have that roofer meet your adjuster if you have damage. Make sure you know what type of coverage you have as roofing coverage is changing with some of the larger carriers.

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