Do you have an attic? Do you need more space? Your attic might be the perfect space for a home office, additional bedroom, or playroom. And adding dormer windows will add brightness and warmth to this new space. Because installing dormers alters your roofing, this project requires a lot of thought and the help of an experienced, licensed builder who has experience in remodeling and in roofing construction.Storm, Wind, Hail DamageRoof Windows?
Roof windows are known by several different names. You may have heard of egress windows or dormer windows. Dormers or roof windows will open your roof and can add much needed floor space. Adding a window in the outside wall of your dormers lets in natural light and warmth, as well as a cool breeze in the spring and summer months. Your local roofer/builder in the Columbia and Lexington areas will be able to answer your questions concerning adding roof windows to your home.
Dormers come in different sizes and styles. Several small dormer windows can be added to an attic space to provide natural light and ventilation. Or room-sized dormer windows or roof windows can produce a whole new area on the upstairs floor of your home. Your local roofer will be able to make sure your dormers and your roof are seamless.
Adding dormer windows or roof windows is usually constructed just as a house would be, with wood framed walls, flooring, and a roof. The new structure is then fitted into your existing home, with the sidewalls resting on roof beams and the front wall supported by the original framing. The biggest design challenges will be placement of the dormers and creating a smooth transition from the existing roofing to the new structure.
Different Styles of Roof Windows
There are three basic styles of roof windows to choose from, including gable roof windows, hipped roof windows and sled roof windows. Gable roof windows are built with a roof that crests in the center and slopes down each side, creating a gable. Hipped roof windows are comparable in design, except that the roof slopes down in four directions from the center crest and overhangs the side and front walls. Shed roof windows slope down from the back to the front, with the roof overhanging only the front wall.
Roof windows will add value and character to your home, transforming the look and the function of your house. It is important to consider the scale and style of your home and your existing roof. You will be able to depend on the expertise and skills of a professional licensed contractor to get this home improvement completed correctly.
Roofing Concerns
The roof of your new dormer windows will match the existing roofing material. To ensure a coherent look, the section of roof around the dormer may need to be upgraded or replaced. Keep in mind that most roofing shingles and shakes will fade in only a few weeks.
Flashing is installed along the seams where the dormer’s roof meets the existing materials. This will avert water from penetrating the attic space and an added layer of roofing shingles will provide additional protection. In addition, roofing underlayment will be installed in the roof of your dormer.
Cost of Roof Windows
The size of the dormer windows and the amount of installation work involved will determine the costs. If additional support needs to be installed in the existing attic space, those materials and labor will add to the final price.
The attic is the ideal place to look when trying to add space to your home. Dormer windows or roof windows will modify your roofing, but when installation is completed by a professional builder/roofer this home addition will transform your house and add value.
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