Your choice in a new home in the Columbia or Lexington area may greatly impact the course of your family’s future. You can avoid any regrets about your decision if you take the time to do a little research into what to look for in a home’s roofing system. Your home, whether you choose a new build or a vintage home, will provide you and your family with shelter and comfort. A house without a reliable well-maintained or damaged roof will become a liability over time. Before purchasing a home in the Columbia and Lexington area, you should make sure that its roof is in superior condition, without any moisture problems or signs of fungal infection. New home buyers must always know what to look for in a roof before making their final purchase decision.

Storm Damage

Fungus – When a roof is exposed to excessive moisture the roof tends to house bacteria and fungi which can lead to a weak roof structure due to rotted wood. High humidity like we have in the Lexington and Columbia areas tend to increase the growth of the fungi causing it to spread quickly and cause damage to the structure of the roof initiating the need for roof repairs or possible roof replacement. Fungal infection can also lead to health hazards. Before purchasing a home, the buyer should have a professional local roofer inspect the roof for possible signs of growing fungi.
Broken and Missing Shingles – Your new roof needs to be inspected for missing or damaged shingles. Your new roof could have missing or damaged shingles for many reasons. If a roof has damaged shingles or missing shingles the roofing underlayment remains exposed to the extreme elements. When this happens moisture seeps through the exposed roof materials and causes roof damage in the process. This type of roof damage might not seem important at first but will lead to severe damage when left untreated. When purchasing a house, the homebuyer must be diligent and call a professional local roofer to inspect the roof for missing tiles and shingles.
Gutter Blockage – Gutters are an important part of a healthy roofing system. It is important that the gutters on the home’s roofing system remain clear of debris and accumulated dirt. If gutters are blocked, water cannot find its way down to the drains and will stay on the roof. Stagnant water will seep through crevices and cracks in the roof, causing damage to the roofing system and eventually to the interior of the home. Your local, professional roofer will be able to answer any questions that you have about your roof’s gutter system.
Water Stains – Water stains caused by a leaking roof can become a huge problem when not repaired immediately. Water stains usually appear first on the ceiling of the top floor of a house. These stains are difficult to conceal and can be costly to repair. Water stains in the interior of your house can be avoided by making sure you have a well-maintained roof.
Roof Aging – Even the best cared for roof will eventually need to be replaced. When looking to purchase a new house, you need to ensure that the roof is still in good working condition. Neglecting the roof may be a costly mistake when buying a new house. When buying a new home make sure the roofing system is in good working condition by calling a licensed, professional roofer near you to inspect your roof prior to buying your new home.

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