Reasonable Match?

I think this is the most common source of conflict between carrier and insured. The conflict normally arises when a small section of flooring, siding, roofing, or paint is damaged and an exact match cannot be found.  example: a small downstairs bathroom has a leak in the wax seal and some of the hardwood flooring is buckled and needs to be replaced. Problem is that the flooring is continuous throughout the 1200 sq ft downstairs and there are no thresholds. Adjuster/carrier wants to replace the bathroom floor and refinish, Insured wants all the floors to be an exact match and the contractor says he has to refinish them all to guarantee an exact match.  Does the carrier owe to refinish all the flooring? The answer to that question comes in 2 forms

  1. Adjuster will pay to have the flooring in the bathroom replaced and refinished to match and inform you that they don’t owe to refinish the entire floor. (the less common answer but growing in popularity)
  2. Adjuster will agree that he owes to bring the home back to its current condition and pays to have the floors refinished and all of the associated work that is involved.

The bottom line is that a reasonable match is ultimately decided by perceived value. The insurance policy is designed to protect your investment. These issues are mostly carrier specific but at the end of the day your policy is there to endure that your property value is not effected by a covered peril. Take a stand on that part of your policy and ask your adjuster to show you the policy language that he is basing his decision on. As always Sands Enterprises can help you through the process 803-520-6154. If you experience water damage to your home after normal business hours call Sincerely Yours Inc.