It’s Christmas time again! And, Lexington and Columbia homeowners are getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating their homes. That sometimes includes decorations on our roofs. Many people will want to decorate their roofs with lights and other Christmas displays. While those lights and decorations will look great and help you and your neighbors enjoy the Christmas season, you do not want to risk damaging your roof in the process, nor do you want to risk putting yourself at risk of injury by climbing a ladder and getting on your roof. Sands Roofing and Construction has some helpful tips to keep in mind while decorating without damaging your roof.

First, you should consider hiring a professional to help you with your decorations if it includes putting decorations on your roof. If you are sure you are going to put any kind of Christmas display on your roof it is important that you do not use staples on your roof. Every time you put a staple into the shingles or other parts of your roof, you risk compromising the seals that keep out water. This means that moisture will be able to seep in and increase the probability of mold and mildew growth and can allow for air transfer to occur, increasing your heating bill during the winter months. Instead of using staples, your local roofer would suggest that you use anchors and clips for decorations. When securing Christmas lights on the edges of your roof, use plastic clips and ties instead of staples that create holes in the shingles. Larger decorations on the roof may be a bigger challenge to secure, but, according to your local roofer, it is better to forego roofing decorations if they cannot be secured without damaging your shingles. Another concern your roofer would want you to consider is the weight you will be adding when decorating your roof. According to many roofers, too much weight can put added stress on your shingles and the underlying foundation of your roof. Add ice or snow to this weight and your roof may be in danger of being damaged and require roofing repairs that can be costly.

If you are in doubt about how to secure decorations to your roof or the amount of weight you would be adding, an alternative to your roof is your front lawn. Sands Roofing and Construction suggests looking to your front yard as a better option for decorations instead of your roof. Your front yard is usually a flat surface and a much better platform for your Christmas decorations. You will not have to worry about the weight of your decorations, and it will be much safer than climbing a ladder to get up on your roof. And, they will be just as fun for everyone to enjoy!

Your local, professional roofer in the Columbia and Lexington areas is your best avenue to a healthy, functional roof. Sands Roofing and Construction serves the Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas. We can answer your roofing questions. 1.803.520.6154