Fire damage

The choices are limitless when it comes to buying insurance. It seems like there is an agency on every street corner! Choosing the right insurance agent can be a critical part of being protected. Your agent is there to guide you through the ever changing landscape of property coverage and the hundreds of exclusions and endorsements.  You agent is required to take classes every year to stay up to date on the current and upcoming changes in the industry ( and believe me insurance changes every day sometimes twice a day).

The Carrier

Some agents represent a single carrier ( captives such as State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide) while other agents represent multiple carriers ( Independents ). Independent agents often times allow more flexibility as they have more options available while the captives will argue that they offer a closer connection with the carrier. At the end of the day every carrier sets guidelines as to how they handle claim and standard procedure for classifying covered damage. Insurance policies are intentionally vague as the SC DOI ( department of insurance) regulates the verbiage of the actual contractual agreement. The difference between getting the coverage you deserve and getting a denial letter could lie with the tenacity of your agent. Your agent should be willing to give you an accurate understanding of each carriers claims handling reputation. (trust me they are different, we wont go into detail on specific carriers here)

Your Agent

The right agent will be someone that is local. You need to be able to contact your agent if an emergency arises. Often times your insurance agent can help guide you through the maze of filing a claim ( after all they have done it more than anyone ).  They should be able to help you find local reliable companies to help you in an emergency. They should be able to help you understand if you have coverage for a particular event. The right agent will assist you with policy knowledge and claim handling expertise in your time of need! If you need help finding the Right Agent in Columbia or Lexington SC we can help. Give us a call 803-520-6154