When is the best time to have a new roof installed in the Columbia and Lexington areas? While you can’t always wait to install a new roof, there are advantages and disadvantages dependent upon the climate in your area. Fall and Spring are ideal times of the year in most regions to have your roof replaced. Replacing your roof in the fall or spring allows you to avoid the frequent summer rainstorms, the winter snowstorms and ice storms. Replacing your roof in the fall or spring also allows you to take advantage of the great weather that the Columbia and Lexington areas enjoy during these seasons. Roofing materials are best installed on a clear day when the temperature is above 45 to 50 degrees, particularly if you are using asphalt shingles (the most popular roofing material in America.) This allows the shingles’ seal strips to melt and adhere properly due to the warmth, a process known as thermal sealing. At the same time, your local roofer will be able to work better when it’s not excessively hot. You will need to contact your local roofing contractor in advance because the spring and fall seasons are the busiest times of the year for roofing contractors. You don’t want to be last on the list of a very busy roofing contractor’s workload. And, you don’t want to have to settle for a roofing contractor who has a less than reputable name. However, you do need to take into consideration that hurricane season is in full swing in the fall possibly effecting weather in the Columbia and Lexington areas in South Carolina.

While spring and fall weather in the Lexington and Columbia areas may be the first choice for roof replacement, summer weather in Columbia and Lexington areas is also suitable for roof replacement. And, summers in the Lexington and Columbia areas can be a slow season for your local roofing contractor simply because people are busy with vacationing, summer sports, etc. You might find it easier to get on your contractor’s work list during the summer months.

In many areas of the United States, the months between late December and early March are the least desirable time for roof replacement since the temperatures are consistently below freezing. The southeast region of the United States including the Columbia and Lexington areas do not often have weather that is consistently this low and may even have some warm weeks during the winter months. During the winter months in cold temperatures it is much easier to damage cold, brittle shingles when working on a roofing job. This means that hand nailing may need to take the place of roofing guns, making the job more complicated. If you’re thinking of replacing your roof in the middle of winter, talk to your local roofer to get advice to make sure your roofing project is done professionally. Though December to March is the slow season for many roofing contractors in cold climates, many roofing contractors are busy with other types of building work during the winter months, or your local roofer may take a much- needed vacation after their busy season.  Sands Roofing and Construction serves the Columbia, Lexington, and surrounding areas. We can answer your questions and make your new roof a reality. 1.803.520.6154