Winter is infamous for creating problems with your home’s roofing system. The cold weather and freezing conditions can turn small roofing damage into serious damage, leaving homeowners frustrated! The best way to avoid these issues and to be best prepared for damaging weather is to get a professional roof inspection. A professional roof inspection is vital to the upkeep and value of your home. It is important that you are sure your next roof inspection is done by a qualified, licensed roofer. Professional roof inspections are almost always done from the roof! Very rarely can a thorough inspection be done with binoculars or even drones. There is no replacement for eyes up close to your roof to detect any small repairs that are needed. Be sure you have an inspection done the right way. Sands Roofing and Construction has a licensed property adjuster on staff to perform inspections. Our staff we will always be available to meet your insurance adjuster to show him/her the areas of your roof that are concerning. Hail and wind damage to your roofing system is often difficult to spot even when you are standing on the roof. Whomever you choose to do your roofing inspection needs to be experienced in roof damage and repairs. Often roof damage caused by hail can only be seen from the back side of the shingle in the form of “broken matting.” Remember that your roof does not have to be leaking to be damaged. Roof damage caused by hailstorms rarely produces leaks but often creates enough roof damage to shorten the life of your roof significantly. Each roof handles weight loads differently, and if too much precipitation accumulates on a hail damaged roof, there is a chance it could collapse. If your roof does not have adequate drainage and it has sustained hail damage, it means the roof is over-stressed which can cause cracks, leaks and a sagging ceiling inside your home or business. In addition, your roofing system inspection should also include a thorough inspection of your home’s siding, fascia, windows, and screens.

Remember, a local, licensed roofer will know exactly what to look for and will be able to give you sensible roofing advice. It is impossible to thoroughly inspect a roof from the ground level. A roofing inspection from a qualified local roofer is the best way to find minor roofing damage before it turns into a major roofing problem. A licensed roofer will easily find loose or missing shingles, roofing stains or rot, and any other obvious roofing damage. Minor signs of roof damage need to be repaired before your area experiences damaging weather.

Tips to remember when hiring a roofing inspector:
Your roofing contractor should be willing to meet with your Insurance adjuster.
Roof inspections need to be done from the roof, not the ground.
Your roofing inspector should be experienced in insurance claims?
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