Columbia Roofer

Sands Enterprises is offering a full 12 point roof inspection through the month of May for free! 

During the month of May Sands Enterprises is offering written roof inspections free of charge! This is a 500.00 value and it covers more than a typical damage inspection. We will send you a written inspection report along with up to 10 photographs showing the key points of the inspection. Your inspection will be conducted by a Licensed property adjuster.

Wind Damage
Choosing a contractor experienced with wind damage is critical
  1. We will inspect the shingles for typical storm damage
  2. We will inspect for chimney damage
  3. We will inspect for faulty pipe boots (very commonly damaged on roofs older than 10 years)
  4. We will inspect for debris in the valleys and gutters
  5. We will inspect for damage to the ridge vents
  6. We will inspect for signs of abnormal wear
  7. We will inspect for algae
  8.  We will inspect the flashing for potential sealing issues
  9.  We will inspect for proper flashing installation
  10. We will inspect for proper drip edge
  11.  We will inspect for abnormal mechanical damage
  12. We will inspect for damaged decking

    Hail damage
    Hail damage